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Reston Association Tennis


12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191

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Reston Tennis Court Locations

Reston Association owns and maintains 52 tennis courts including 26 lighted, 8clay,

6 Quickstart and 2 practice walls. Find out the court nearest to you.
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Tennis Court Fall and Winter Light Schedule


Being conscious of energy savings, we will be shutting off the lights at all courts except Lake Newport during the months of December and January. The lights at Lake Newport will remain on until 10 pm. Starting February 1, 2015 the lights will be turned back on all the lighted courts.

Featured Tennis Courts

The Gazebo at Lake Newport

The Gazebo at Lake Newport is a popuar spot to have lunch or to cool off. Located at 11452 Baron Cameron Ave.


Upper Lakes Tennis Courts

Located on Upper Lakes Dr. near Sunrise Valley Dr.

North Shore Quickstart Tennis Courts.

This newly renovated facility offers 6 Quickstart tennis courts designed for kids 10 and under. These courts are located at 1515 North Shore Dr.


North Hills Clay Courts

There are four lighted clay courts located at 1325 North Village Rd.